House Specialties
House Specialties
Authentic Colonial Food
Here are some of the items on our menu


Silver dollar fruit pancakes covered with butter & sugar
Virginia ham & egg pudding with corn bread
Porridge & Highland Co. maple sugar
Sheared eggs & Virginia ham with grits, Sally Lunn bread
Waffles cooked in a Griswald waffle iron
Your choice of Butter Milk, buckwheat or the classic
Virginia waffle with corn meal
all served with lots of butter and plenty of Maple Syrup from Highland Co.


Welch Rarebit with toasted Sally Lunn bread
this is truely a rare bit
A cup or bowl of soup with or with out a sandwich
Cheddar cheese sandwich on Sally Lunn bread, grilled or toasted with or without
Virginia ham & Hanover Co. tomato
Smithfield Ham on Sally Lunn bread
Virginia ham pate on Sally Lunn bread


Brunswick stew made in a cast iron cauldron over an open fire
Virginia peanut soup
Virginia snapper turtle soup
Cat fish chowder
Wild Asparagus soup (seasonal)
Barley soup
Tomato soup (seasonal)
Chestnut soup (seasonal)
Onion soup (The Kings Soup)
Mulligatawny soup


Hot Pot : Lamb with sweet herbs, onions & potatoes layered in an earthen ware crock slowly oven baked and served up in the crock
Braised Duck : served with currant jam & apple sauce
Shoat Pig : (yearling) Crown Roast, Ham or Shoulder roasted over an open fire
Smothered chicken : with parsley sauce
Game Hen : Slow roasted over an open fire served with glazed chestnuts
All entries are served with at the least three seasonal vegetables potatoes or freshly made noodles


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